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Responsible Gaming

“Have fun – responsibly”

We aim to offer a relaxed user-experience throughout our site. A big part of this is responsible gaming, which is close to our heart. We want each and every one of our players to enjoy themselves on our site, without gaming becoming a burden – or worse, a problem.

On this page we give a few recommendations on how to play responsibly, what game limits we offer to our players and where to reach out in case you or someone close to you needs even more information. We also list a few tips on how you can prevent minors in your household from accessing gambling sites.

What limits can I set for myself?

1. Game Limits

We offer a daily, weekly and monthly deposit limit. This is an amazing tool to make sure you don’t deposit more than you have afford to lose. You can set up this limit by yourself on your account settings (My Account – Account Settings – Deposit Limit), or by contacting our support.

There’s also a wagering limit that you can set up by contacting our support team.

These limits can be decreased and increased, or removed completely. New increased limit and limit removal will be applied after 7 days of your request. In case you want to decrease the limit, the new limit will take effect immediately.

2. Cool Off

If you want to take a short break, you can set yourself a cool off up to 30 days. This cool off can be activated by contacting our support or via this link.

3. Self-exclusion

In case it’s a longer break you are after, you can self-exclude for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or permanently. Self-exclusion can be set up via this link up to 6 months. If you want to set up a permanent closure, please contact our support.

Closure time can also be shortened or even removed at player’s will by contacting us. Player account will be fully activated after 7 days of request. If you wish, you can also extend the closing time, this will take effect immediately.

On permanent closures funds on the account will be returned to the player. We’d like to highlight the fact that you can have only one account with us.

4. Reality Check

If you have been logged into the website for a period of 1 hour the reality check system message will appear. You will then be presented with information of how much have you played with and what winnings did you have.

Reality check has to be set up for each device separately. Set up can be done by contacting our support.

5. Session Time Limit

We give you the option to set a limit on the duration of your game play for each session. Reach out to us if you want to set up this limit for yourself.

Minors shouldn’t gamble

Playing on gambling sites is not meant for minors. It is also illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play on our page. We perform various verifications and reserve the right to request documents, and even freeze the player account until all necessary verifications have been completed. Especially the age of the player.

If you have minors in your household and you share a device (computer, tablet, or cell phone) with them, we recommend the following steps:

– Keep all player account information secret, especially the account password. Do not save data or set AutoFill to your username and password.

– Do not gamble when there are minors around or with them

– Inform them of the harms of gambling and that this is strictly not allowed for minors

– Set parental control or protection settings for your device

– Set tracking programs (e.g. Net Nanny) or even blocks on certain sites (e.g. Gamlock) on minor’s device

Our tips for gambling

Play with money that you afford to lose. Set yourself up for a budget so you don’t play more than you intended. Make sure you have enough money for important things such as rent, food expenses, bills and so on.

Play for fun, not to make money. Gambling shouldn’t ever be about making money. Getting a huge win is a matter of luck, and it’s important to acknowledge that a new huge win of the same size might not come in a long time – or even again.

Set yourself limits. There are great limits such as a weekly deposit limit that you can set up yourself. This way you make sure you don’t take financial hits that you can’t recover from.

Play when your mind is clear as a blue summery sky. We don’t recommend gambling when being angry or depressed, as unnecessary risks are too. In which case one might take unnecessary risks.

Do not play under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Intoxicants and gambling are a nasty combination, as often one’s judgement is blurred.

Useful tools and organizations

The internet is full of great sites where you can get more tips and even peer support if needed. We also listed a few great tools you can use to restrict access to gaming sites.

Gambling Therapy is a great site where you can get service in several different languages. On the site, you will find peer support groups and more detailed information about getting help from yourself or someone close to you.

GamCare provides advice and help in English.

Gamblock is an English language site that allows you to restrict access to gambling sites.

As a company, we work closely with regulatory authorities and various organizations to ensure a safe gaming environment. Our customer service and responsible gaming teams have received GamCare’s Social Responsibility and Interaction training, so don’t hesitate to contact our support if you have any questions or would like to set limits on yourself. You can contact us directly on our Live Chat or via email at support@karjalakasino.com.